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Movie Posters

Posted on: 03-10-2019

movie Posters
We watch many movies that inspire us and take us away into a different world, an imaginative world where we can fly, walk on clouds, move mountains, or deeply dive into the ocean. Fiction movies whether science fiction, fantasy, or mystery are entertaining. Audiences are interested in such stories and they often find meaning and ideas in their content. Fiction and nonfiction can be classified in several genres and subgenres, and many stories have elements of more than one genre. After discussing fiction and nonfiction genres, third graders worked on an exciting activity. They recalled stories they have read, and movies they have watched. They were asked to choose their favorite movie and figure out its genre through looking back at the major events. They started asking major questions such as, “Are there superheroes or talking animals?” “Are the events and characters lifelike?” “Does the movie include facts about a famous person?”
The children created movie posters. The genre of the movie was written first, then the title of the movie. Learners presented them in a full color and neatly sketched pictures showing details that reveal the genre. They also had to include an explanation of how the story fits into the subgenre. So, the next time third graders watch a movie, they are going to enjoy the show and decide whether it falls into the category of fiction or nonfiction.
Zeina Zein
English Teacher

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