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Sunday, July 05, 2020

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Welcome Back..

Posted on: 18-09-2019

Back together
The first day at school marks a new beginning, a kick off to an innovative academic year where a glowing flame and a sparkling imagination lies ahead. The newly fresh colorful painted playground was filled with learners coming back from a long summer vacation starting a fresh year. Educators were all around happy and excited welcoming back their learners. Educators proudly walked around learners as they raised letter signs of WELCOME BACK sending a sense of pride and a strong feeling of appreciation. Learners had to unlock the theme of the year through a series of activities. They had to solve riddles, crack a secret message, and solve a social problem in order to uncover the theme of the year. As learners worked their way out of each game, excitement built up as they slowly found their answer: TEND THE FLAME. Afterwards, learners engaged in an art/crafts activity where they had to etch tools that would help them TEND THE FLAME. Those tools sparked up their thoughts not only regarding the theme itself, but also towards their skills that ignited at the beginning in order to form an ongoing flame as the school year continues. Tamima Al Aghar Shireen Shaikho
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