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Tuesday, July 23, 2019

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Grade 3's Shoebox Diorama Project

Posted on: 07-05-2019

Grade 3 English project
As an end of unit project extension, grade 3 learners unleashed their creativity to make an imaginative scene come to life by designing and detailing a diorama out of a shoebox. First, they were divided into pairs and personally selected the writing prompt related to the season of their choice. Next, they sketched a scene and agreed upon the materials needed for designing their shoebox. The final step included lots of fun! Leaners imagined the scene and the setting they were trying to recreate, then they began to create details and props. They used various materials such as clay, pipe cleaners, toothpicks, fabric scraps and many more, that were made to scale and suit comfortably within the small box. At last, once all elements of the scene were constructed, learners arranged the items to create the image they had in mind. Is everything there? Does anything need to be added? Is there too much?
A blast till the very last! Learners shared the scene with their peers by displaying their diorama and telling the story that goes along with it. Throughout this project, learners practiced two and three dimensional thinking, plus the essential language arts skill of constructing a narrative! This was a great way to retell an imaginative or real life experience by making a fun craft project to go along with it!

Ms. Diana Itani& Mrs. Zeina Al Ghali Itani
Grade 3 English teachers.

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