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Saturday, May 30, 2020

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Cosmic dome

Posted on: 11-04-2019

Cosmic dome
Our learners in Grades 2 and 4 had a rather astonishing exploration experience of our universe through the mobile digital planetarium the “cosmic dome”. They enjoyed traveling virtually to the stars, planets, galaxies, and black holes and were able to visualize and be part of what goes on beyond our vision in the infinite universe.
During the show, learners were encouraged to ask and share concepts that were already attained during class discussions of our unit “Solar System” during the month of March.
In addition, learners had the chance to visit an image gallery about constellations and stars shot by giant telescopes. The experience was incomparable and gave learners a chance to visually learn in a different location than the classroom.

Mrs. Loubna Saab-Grade 2 Science teacher
Ms. Sara Nasser-Grade 4 Science teacher

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