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Saturday, May 30, 2020

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A day with the Firefighters

Posted on: 26-03-2019

Firefighter visit
Grade one learners were ecstatic to see the fire fighters in real in the school’s auditorium. This event was part of the theme “Helping Hands” in which learners discovered the value of helping others. The firemen entertained and educated our youngsters on the importance of fire safety. First graders were familiarized with such tips such as what to do if there is fire, how to “get low and go” if there is smoke when leaving home, and how to stay safe by having a fire extinguisher handy. Since rescue is their number one priority, the fire fighters also showed the learners a demonstration on how to rescue victims out of burning homes. Learners gasped with enthusiasm as they saw the full firefighter’s uniform (helmet, hood, pants, coat, gloves, boots and air pack).The guest speakers explained how their clothes are designed in ways that protect them from heat, smokes, and flames. Finally, grade one learners expressed their gratitude to the fire fighters by writing them thank you letters and giving it to them. The invited speakers set a good example to our learners because of their bravery, courage, and kindness!

Grade one English Teachers
Ms. Zeina Kobeissy, Ms. Hayat Dana and Ms. Dina Hannawi

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