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Saturday, May 30, 2020

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The reality behind online characters

Posted on: 28-03-2019

The reality behind online characters
Cartoon and virtual characters have become very influential in the learners’ lives recently. Some of these characters portray and promote a positive attitude, while others can be a negative and sometimes a dangerous influence. After increased talk about the character “Momo” between learners; a campaign was held to explain to them how these characters are made and how to deal with certain situations everyone is exposed to on the internet.
Mrs. Orly started a discussion around fictional characters and learners shared their favorite ones. Then, a video was played to show how such characters are created. An example of a horse man was given, and how the program Photoshop was used in order to achieve the “horseman picture”.
Then the subject of “Momo” was brought up. The history of the character was explained to the learners, and that what they are seeing is just a picture with a recorded voice. It was emphasized that what the character says is not real and cannot happen. The discussion continued with examples of other characters’ learners like to see such as Paw Patrol, Peppa Pig, Tom & Jerry, and many others and how they are imaginary as well This went to show that not all that is seen on different online platforms is to be believed and considered real. The recommendations given to the learners, in addition to the limitation of screen time, was to use child friendly platforms rather than surfing any platform geared towards adults. An example to use was “YouTube Kids”. Additionally, the learners were encouraged to discuss any exposure to such characters or situations with their parents or teachers.
We encourage parents to actively monitor the online activity of the learners and create an atmosphere where reporting such incidents is commended.
Mrs. Dina AbouSaleh
Grade 1 English teacher

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