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Saturday, May 30, 2020

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KG1 Fruitalicious Adventure

Posted on: 21-02-2019

KG1 Fruitalicious Adventure
The “ Fruitalicious Adventure” began in class, where KG1 learners explored the different groups of food. Since healthy eating patterns and food preferences are established early in life, teachers emphasized on the importance of making healthy food choices. Throughout the theme, learners were guided to get involved in many hands-on learning activities that reinforce the concept of healthy and unhealthy food.

Using different contexts of learning, KG1 learners’ next destination was Spinneys Supermarket. They started their journey in the fruits and vegetables section. Utilizing their senses, they explored, touched and smelled the delicious products. The learners selected the ripest fruits to take back to preschool. Next, they browsed the diary produce section, the poultry section, and the seafood section. Their eyes were filled with curiosity and they were fully engaged with their surroundings. The following day, they emptied their Spinneys bags, rolled up their sleeves, and made themselves a yummy and nutritious fruit salad.

Preschoolers are avid adventurers that have so much to discover and learn. It is our responsibility as educators to provide them with the experiences that allow them to flourish in their world.

Rola Antoun KG1 Homeroom teacher

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