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Saturday, May 30, 2020

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My Vertebrates booklet

Posted on: 04-02-2019

My  Vertebrates booklet
In the unit “Animals”, grade three learners explored the five categories of vertebrates and learned about their characteristics. They were taught how each group of vertebrate breathes, what covers their body, how they reproduce, where they live, etc. After watching videos and engaging in several hands-on activities, the learners were challenged to create their own booklet about vertebrates. Individually, they conducted research on vertebrates. They chose their favorite animal from each group and used a kid friendly website “Kiddle” to find out the similarities and differences between mammals, birds, fish, amphibians and reptiles. Then, they glued the pictures of the animals that they brought from magazines and the internet, and finally jotted down all the information they gathered in their booklets. Upon completion, the grade 3 learners shared their work out loud with their peers in the classroom. This activity gave an opportunity for the learners to practice research which in return helped them to facilitate their scientific thinking.
Ms. Suzy Gosdanian
Science teacher

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