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Friday, September 20, 2019

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Exploring the Sea

Posted on: 26-12-2018

Les Merveilles de la Mer
After learning about the sea, forest and desert habitats, grade one learners visited “Les Merveilles de la Mer” to discover more the wonders of the sea. First, they were introduced to the amazing sea animals that live in the world’s seas from giant whales to tiny zooplanktons. Then, they had the chance to find out that the sea is full of interesting creatures, got to know about their characteristics and adaptations that allow them to survive. In groups, they rotated from one aquarium to the other, observed the different creatures, and broadened their understanding of the sea world. Grade one learners were very happy because they were actually seeing all that they learned about the living things that live in the sea habitat and were able to explore the world under the sea. They had the chance to bring the world of the deep to life!
Ms. Suzy Gosdanian
Science teacher

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