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Change Your Words

Posted on: 18-12-2018

Change Your Words
“Believe in yourself and you can change the world.”—Ray Wilkins
Grade two learners believed in themselves and displayed trust in their own abilities. They transformed their rooms, houses, and playground into unique places using their own imagination and creativity. Why would you sleep in a regular room when you could have a special one with stars on the ceilings and butterflies on the walls? Wouldn’t it be amazing to have a chocolate fountain or a free ice cream machine in the playground? What about having talking dolls in your room? Have you ever thought what would it feel like to have a robot at home? How about placing your house in another country?
Through the above extraordinary questions; learners put on their creative hats, brainstormed and illustrated their astonishing ideas with great excitement. Even though it is impossible to make all these changes, yet, it’s always possible to change our words and thoughts. Lastly, learners came out with one major change. Instead of saying, “It’s hard. I can’t do it,” they started using, “I can. I will try my best.”
Mrs. Zeina Zein
Grade 2 English teacher

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