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Saturday, May 30, 2020

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Basketball Varsity

Posted on: 29-11-2018

On Saturday, the 24th of November, our Basketball Varsity team achieved great success. After facing Sainte Famille’s team, the game ended with a score of 41 to 24 which is considered a major victory! The performance of the Saint Mary’s Orthodox College players showed the progress they displayed during the training sessions. In addition, the chemistry between the players was an essential factor in this win. During the game, we witnessed our team’s enhanced skills and confidence through a series of successful long-range shots. We also watched the performance of new players in our team. As a debut, teammates helped the new players integrate smoothly within the game and give a considerably great performance. As usual, the supporters of Saint Mary’s Orthodox College team were present and motivated them to achieve this great victory. We hope our learners maintain their level and keep showing the same energy in their upcoming games. Congratulations!
Wajih Alawiyyeh

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