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First Grade’s Informal Assessments

Posted on: 26-11-2018

Informal Assessments
Without the stress of quizzes and tests, grade one learners had their English language informal assessment done in a fun way. Educational tailored activities were prepared in well-designed learning centers for the learners to engage in.
In the phonics center, learners had the chance to build CVC words using letter cards and to write CVC words using erasable markers. They transformed themselves into noun detectives; comparing noun and non-noun words, and then figuring out which word is the “Noun”. In the Vocabulary station, learners were competing in small groups and constructing meaningful sentences about words they have learnt in class. Teachers were checking on learners and seeing their progress and correcting their mistakes.
The learning centers’ activities demonstrated to learners how the curriculum could be brought down into hands-on, tangible experiences rather than being theoretical and dull!

Ms. Zeina Kobeissy, Ms. Dina Abou Saleh and Ms. Hayat Dana
Grade one English Teachers

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