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Tuesday, August 04, 2020

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Integrating Augmented Reality in Science

Posted on: 19-11-2018

Integrating Augmented Reality in Science
Teachers nowadays are constantly challenged to find ways to grasp learners’ attention since their world outside school is full of all kinds of highly compelling and visually stimulating media. Taking this into consideration, Grade 3 learners wrapped up the Solar System unit in an interactive manner leaving behind an unforgettable experience. Through augmented reality apps, they played the role of astronauts in observing the different planets of our solar system, their color, size, moons and revolution around the Sun. This activity provided our learners with the chance to explore the planets in 3D and visualize them as they really are in space. Augmented reality has many benefits like making learners more motivated to learn and making classrooms more interactive. In other words, Augmented Reality technology in education increases learners’ engagement and motivation, enables them to use their imagination, and encourages them to be curious. Suzy Gosdanian Science teacher
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