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Saturday, May 30, 2020

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What Do You Hear?

Posted on: 12-11-2018

What Do You Hear?
The outside world shapes children's development through experiments that they perform. Therefore, it’s essential to engage preschoolers in various activities that stimulate their senses and emphasize their importance in our daily lives. In this perspective, KG2 classes took part of super exciting hands-on activity to get them more familiar with this topic: The Water Xylophone! On that day, everyone got to discover this interesting experiment that focused on the sense of hearing while integrating music education with science experiment in a fun and colorful way. First, learners filled the jars with varying levels of water. They realized then that more water equals lower sound or pitch and less water equals a higher sound or pitch. Next, food coloring was added to make a different color for each note and learners were clearly mesmerized by the combination of all these beautiful rainbow colors. Finally, the little musicians took turns taping the glasses with spoons and listening carefully to compare the different sounds that were generated. In conclusion, this activity was truly a special treat for our young curious minds which are now eager for more enjoyable moments yet to come!
Mrs. Rola Nabaa (Homeroom Teacher-KG2)

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