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Saturday, May 25, 2019

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My Own Food Chain

Posted on: 06-11-2018

During the last few weeks, grade four learners discovered how different organisms adapt to survive within a certain ecosystem. They did research by using the Kiddle application about their favorite animal, gathered information about its behavioral and physical adaptations, and finally prepared a poster. After that, the learners did role playing and "acted out" food chains. This fun activity gave them the chance to really put themselves into food chains and better understand the transfer of energy from one organism to the other. It also helped the learners realize how the sun is the primary source of energy. Subsequently, they realized how the animal that they had chosen has a very important role to play within the ecosystem to balance the food chain and keep the animal population at a reasonable number. Moreover, the learners understood how without proper balance, an ecosystem can collapse. Finally, grade four learners constructed their own food chain by using pictures of animals and paper clips and afterwards wrote an explanatory paragraph to explain and demonstrate the energy flow in their food chain.

Suzy Gosdanian
Science Teacher - Upper Elementary - SMOC

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