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Saturday, May 25, 2019

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A Day to Remember

Posted on: 16-10-2018

Apple Picking at Baskinta

Involvement in outdoor activities can be fun, inspirational, and beneficial. Therefore, grade four’s trip was to Biskinta where the learners experienced picking apples and enjoyed its beautiful sceneries and enchanting weather. The trip commenced with an apple picking experience. Then, learners visited the fridge, where the farmers store their harvest in an attempt to keep them as fresh as possible.
The bus ride to a Mikhail Naimy’s statue, a prominent Lebanese writer from Baskinta, was a real reflection of the learners’ joy and energy. Learners then met a municipality representative, Mr. Abu Haidar, who welcomed the learners to Baskinta and gave them a summary of Mikhail Naimy’s biography. Afterwards, everyone enjoyed drinking a glass of cold fresh apple juice. Going to the big lounge to have lunch was the last fun station for the learners who were thinking of their own boxes of apples that were getting packed especially for them to take home.
The apple orchards of Biskinta and all other villages on the way back to school were the change of scenery that our learners needed, and these views added to their appreciation of the beauty of our beloved country.

Miss Suzanne Shoufani
Grade 4- English Teacher

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