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Wednesday, August 21, 2019

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Fun Activities

Posted on: 09-10-2018

each situation is different
In English class, we learned a fun and easy lesson about types of conflict that can occur in short stories, and they are: Character vs. Character, Character vs. Self, Character vs. Nature, and Character vs. Society. We were divided into four groups and were asked to prepare a sketch representing each type of conflict. Group 1 acted a scene where a group of friends were taking selfies and then asked two boys to take a photo of them, but they ran away with the phone. Group 2 showed a student who had gotten an F in English and was having a hard time thinking if he should tell his parents about the grade. Then, the principal called and the parents ultimately found out. Group 3 were assigned Character vs. Nature and casted a news reporter talking to the cameramen about an approaching tornado. The people were warned about the impending tornado; however, one did not listen and ended up being carried away and dead after much suffering.Last but not least, group 4 enacted Character vs. Society. The sketch was about racism, where owners of a coffee shop did not let a black man into their shop because of his skin color, thus showing that the black man is in conflict with the social reality of slavery as an oppressive and unjust force. This activity gave a chance for all learners to share their ideas and helped us understand and remember a literary concept in an easier and more exciting way. More activities to share with you later on.
Sara Abdul Ghani, Alaa Kazma, Ezzeddine Moghrabi
Grade 7C

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