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Wednesday, June 19, 2019

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We are Back!

Posted on: 29-09-2018

The upper elementary learners started their first day of 2018-2019 academic year. From the early morning, learners were catching up with their friends and gathering to form their class community. Advisors welcomed their learners with big smiles and guided them towards their classrooms. At the beginning, the teachers and learners reviewed the classroom and school's rules and regulations. Then, the teacher asked the learners to form a circle, and she stepped in the circle to introduce herself. Learners were free to step in whenever they were ready to introduce themselves. Afterwards, learners played some interactive games, such as, the cup game where they had to blow a balloon and throw as many cups as possible during one minute. Teams were so excited and very supportive to each other. Learners also listened to a song « The Hall of Fame» where they picked statements they felt connected to and explained them through drawings and written expressions. Learners were trying to build connections to figure out the theme of the year. At last, they watched a movie and came up with their own conclusions before the teacher announced the theme of the year «Ink Your Thoughts». We wish our learners a fruitful year full of new experiences.

Miss Amira Kobrosly
Upper Elementary
English Teacher

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