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Wednesday, June 19, 2019

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Secondary Orientation Day

Posted on: 26-09-2018

After a long summer break, secondary learners returned to school ready to take on the new academic year. Like every year, an introductory day was held. Several activities were played and like always, the theme of the year was revealed at the end of the day. Upon our arrival to school, we were welcomed with lively and vibrant decorations. Banners were all around and colorful “Welcome Back” signs were hanging from the ceiling, exciting returning students to kick off the new year. Each promotion played different activities in order to arrive to the theme of the year. The sophomores visited the nurse and learned about the necessary equipment to take on any trip in case of emergencies. They also visited the library where they answered a series of questions pertaining to their future and their interests. Juniors played a game that was based on teamwork. Each group had to create a secure base made of straws and ribbons then throw a water balloon at it. The aim of the activity was to keep the balloon from popping. We, the seniors, were asked to divide ourselves into groups, and were assigned a specific teacher, who would be the group monitor for the day. Each group entered a classroom and got to work. Our activity was to come up with a short play or skit to tackle a topic that was given to our monitor. Topics varied from gender discrimination to water safety to juvenile delinquency. Each of these ideas was tackled in a very innovative and unique way and the overall message was clearly conveyed. We were able to highlight the importance of the topics at hand while also giving them a touch of comedy and lightheartedness. To finish off the day, we were given papers and asked to write a letter to ourselves which is to be read at the end of this year. Many people wrote about what they hope they will have achieved by then, be it academically, mentally, emotionally, or physically. The letters were then folded, signed, and ornately hung up on a bulletin board entitled “Time Capsule”. Everybody was eager to write this letter and wondered whether they will have accomplished what they wrote down by then. Meanwhile, the sophomores and juniors wrote constructive, positive messages and quotes on pieces of paper and spelled out the theme of the year, “Ink Your Thoughts”, with them. The end result was a vibrant and colorful bulletin board “inked” with our theme. Before leaving, the whole senior class gathered in the playground in front of the “Seniors 19” banner for a group picture to commemorate our last first day. We cheered, chanted, and screamed while taking the picture and had a lot of fun with it. Overall, it was a good day, and a great way to kickstart the scholastic year!

Loma Komeiha

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