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Thursday, February 21, 2019

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Activity hour performance

Posted on: 14-06-2018

Activity hour performance
Extra-curricular activities provide learners a wide range of opportunities to explore their talents, enhance their physical, creative, and social interests and boost their confidence. Throughout the year, LE learners participated in extra-curricular activities which included drama, ballet, contemporary dance, arts, drawing and painting and martial art. They would arrive extremely excited to school every Friday to attend the activity hour with their teachers and peers. By the end of the scholastic year, learners were finally ready to perform and share their passion with their parents. First graders’ parents accompanied their children and participated in various activities. They danced, acted, painted, and completed artworks; which made it an extraordinary and unforgettable experience for both. Second and third graders sparkled as stars on stage and spread joy all over the auditorium. They performed their dances and drama talents through interesting plays that shed the light on the importance of reading books rather than using electronics as well as respecting family ties. Other learners had the opportunity to reflect their creativity through an art project or a drawing in the art room. Moreover, the young artists showcased the artworks that they crafted and designed during the year in the playground in a wonderful art exhibition. Lastly, at SportsVille, the martial art learners performed the moves and techniques they acquired from their teacher throughout the year. The parents were mesmerized and proud of their children’s physical and sportsmanship growth.
LE learners ended the school year merrily in an atmosphere full of excitement and delight!

Mrs. Zeina Zein
English teacher

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