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Thursday, December 13, 2018

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Activity hour performance.

Posted on: 30-06-2017

Activity hour performance
Every year, the learners of Eduvation School Network are involved in weekly activity sessions, known as extra curricular activities. These various activities provide learners with a chance to spread their wings and explore diverse interests. Each of the various activities offered by the school aims to develop certain set of skills and bring to light hidden talents that each learner has.
Activities such as gymnastics, ballet, modern dance, choir, Zumba, art, environment and many others target, in addition to extra curricular skills, cross curricular abilities, such as, presentation and communication abilities, time management, team work, fair play, and the importance of respecting their fellow members. All above activities which have been flourished over the school year were recognized at the activity hour performance. This year just like every year, all teachers and parents gathered to witness the marvelous performance that the vibrant grade one and two learners presented confidently. Looking forward for more growth and progress to be embellished gracefully throughout the years to come.

Ms. Arda Darakjian
English teacher

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