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Sunday, April 22, 2018

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Final Comprehensive Project (FCP)

Posted on: 20-06-2017

This year, and as an attempt to shed away from traditional paper and pencil cumulative assessments that only assess certain concepts and skills, a Final Comprehensive Project was implemented for grades 4 and 5 learners as a final outcome for what they learned and experienced throughout the school year.

The outcome of this end of year project for grade 5 learners was to design and construct an educational game integrating different subject matter. As for grade 4, the outcome of the end of year project was, first, to prepare a brochure in which they presented their statistical findings (integrating Math and English). Second, to write a coherent paragraph, represent the problems they have researched on pollution along with its causes and effects (integrating Arabic and social studies), and finally to write a paragraph in French explaining the chosen ecosystem that they worked on and made a model of (integrating science and French).

Project based learning is a non-traditional education model that seeks to better prepare learners for solving real-world problems and issues. Such projects require learners to use multiple learning techniques to succeed such as research, logical deduction, and iterative learning (trial and error). It fosters communication skills and encourages learners with diverse and possibly conflicting personalities to find a common ground.

During the last two weeks of school, the Upper Elementary floor was like a busy beehive; the learners were so excited and eager while working on their projects. All groups were working collaboratively. The learners came up with creative and pleasant ideas to present the outcome of their work, which was displayed on the last day of school.

Maha Mohamad Jaber
Math teacher- Gr 4,5 – SMOC.

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